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A) Training of English ambassadors and student leaders Students from different forms are trained to take up a leading role to organise and promote different English enhancement activities such as English Days for their fellow students and Kindling Creativity Workshops and Competition for primary school students. English Exploration Leadership Training Tours to Singapore and Brunei have been organised in the past years. These tours have exposed students to new cultures and brought them fun and unforgettable learning experience.

B) English Enhancement Activities

  • The Thursday morning assemblies are conducted in English with talks from teachers of different subjects and students from different classes. Relevant reading materials are used in the reading lesson every Thursday to consolidate what students have learned in the morning assemblies. All the activities are well received and have successfully developed a good atmosphere for learning the language.
  • Students have also participated actively in the large-scale English enhancement activities held on English Day every month such as debates, forums, buddy-to buddy activities, treasure hunts and theme-based activities like Poetry World and Exploring the World. These activities are popular with our students because they are fun, non-traditional ways to learn English.

2021-2022 Activities


Learning English amid the Pandemic


2020-2021 Activities


S5 Presentation on Social Issues



English Day



2020-2021 S1 Lesson Observation by Parents



Preparation for "Be The Next Star KOL 2021"



Teaching and Learning Amid Coronavirus Outbreak





Kwai Tsing District Secondary School Tour 2020




QSIP Professional Development



Lok Sin Tong Joint-School Quality Circle (English Language)



English Week




2019-2020 Activities


2019-2020 English Ambassadors



2019-2020 Learning Showcase Day  



2019-2020 English Week



2019-2020 English Forums



2019-2020 English Days



2017-2018 Activities

Brunei English Exploration Leadership tour 2018

27th June – 1st July, 2018

The Brunei English Leadership Exploration Tour organized by our school went off without a hitch. From June 27th to July 1st, 27 students and three English teachers from our school ventured into Brunei to explore this mysterious country. Students communicated with locals in English so that they could take more of an interest in learning the language and achieve higher proficiency.

During the trip, the teachers and students visited the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Brunei and were met with great hospitality of the directors and representatives. Our group also visited the only elderly home in the area, bringing joy and entertaining performances to the residents.

This fruitful trip received extensive coverage in the local papers, including the Eunited Brunei and See Hua Daily News.

In addition to giving students a golden opportunity to brush up their English, the trip also allowed them to reach out and get to know the culture and customs of Brunei. During the journey, they met local students of different grades and exchanged thoughts with one another. It was an unforgettable experience.


Kindling Creativity: Poetic & Artistic Pieces Workshops and Competition Prize-giving Ceremony

15th June, 2018

The Prize-giving Ceremony was held on June 15.

The winners stood out among all the other outstanding students sent by ten primary schools in Kwai Tsing District. Accompanied by their teachers and parents, the little poets proudly received their awards. Besides competing for the group award, the winners also made short films based on the lovely poems they created. Combining images and sound effects perfectly, they won the heart of the judges and the P5 and P6 individual awards.

Our adjudicator Ms CHAN Kin-han, Barbara, the Chief Curriculum Development Officer (English) at the Education Bureau, praised the participants for their talents and the creative short films they had made. At the same time, she encouraged the winners to continue to pursue their interest in learning English and to think out of the box.

The shining works and the smiling faces of the winners marked a perfect end to the Kindling Creativity Workshops.




2016-2017 Activities

Singaporean English Leadership Exploration Tour 2017

26th – 31st June

26 English Ambassadors were selected to participate in the Singaporean English Leadership Exploration Tour. They had completed many workshops and undergone a lot of preparations before their departure to Singapore. During the tour, not only did they study issues about housing, environmental protection, transportation, and multiculturalism in Singapore, but they also gained experience in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.